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Dangerous Goods

For safety and security, refrain from packing any of the prohibited items listed below when flying with us.

Matches and lighters are a permitted personal possession, but are prohibited from being stored in baggage.

Violating safety by carrying any of these items listed below is an illegal offense punishable by law.

For your safety

  1. Verify that all your baggage is packed with your property. Do not travel with anybody else’s luggage.
  2. Your luggage should be packed by you – do not let someone else pack it for you.
  3. For security reasons, do not leave your bags unattended. This will prevent any unauthorized items from being planted inside your luggage without your knowledge.
  4. If you are travelling with electronics in your checked baggage, prepare to quarantine these items for further inspection.

Dangerous Goods must not be loaded in or as passenger or crew checked or carry-on baggage,

except if allowed in the Dangerous Goods Regulations document view