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At Jazeera Airways, corporate governance is about commitment to values and ethical business conduct while managing the business. This includes corporate, operational, and commercial structures, corporate culture, policies and dealing with the various stakeholders.

Accordingly, timely and accurate disclosure of information regarding the financial situation, performance, ownership and governance of the company is an important part of Jazeera Airways corporate governance.

1. Board of Directors

      *  Marwan Boodai, Chairman

      * Marzouk Boodai, Vice Chairman

      * Suhail Homsi, Board Member

      * Ahmad Abdalla, Board Member

      * Hany Mohamed, Board Member

2. Board Committees:

Jazeera Airways Corporate Governance is structured around 5 key levels of Authority as follows:

 Corporate Board

Ultimate Authority

 Board Level Committees

Board Audit Committee AC,
Board Risk Committee RC,
Board Remuneration and Nominations Committee RNC,
Board Safety & Quality Audit Committee SQC.

 Executive level Committees

Complete Executive Authority in support  of Company Level Committees.

 Company Level Committees

These are working committees tasked by  the Executive Committee or any other  authorized Task Force to look into key  aspects of the business as well as tactical  and strategic projects.

 Task Forces

Complete Operative Authority in support  of the day to day and strategic initiatives  of the Company.