Special Assistance

Passengers with special assistance can look forward to a safe and comfortable journey with Jazeera Airways. We recommend that you notify us at the time of booking, or at least 48 hours prior to your flight, of any special assistance you would like us to provide before, during, or after your flight. Please consider the following information below as guidance only. Should you require special assistance, please contact your travel agent, or contact your local Jazeera office directly.

Wheelchair Requirements

- We accept passengers on wheelchairs to travel on direct flights only.

- We will not accept wheelchair cases passengers to travel on connecting flights that need transferring in Kuwait.

- We provide full wheelchair services free of charge to genuine wheelchair cases provided passengers have reported to the check-in counter in their own wheelchairs.

- We provide full wheelchair services free of charge for passengers holding Special/Disabled ID cards.

- We provide full wheelchair services to passengers who did not bring their own wheelchairs to the airport – with a standard fee of KD 10, or its foreign currency equivalent.