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Jazeerati Loyalty Program

Get even more inspired to travel and feed your passion for adventure. When you select to fly and travel with Jazeera Airways, we reward you for your selection with our specially-designed loyalty program. Our Jazeerati Loyalty Program offers you a free flight for each 10 flights you fly with Jazeera Airways (redeemable within 12 months of the first flight).

Let your loyalty take you further with the Jazeerati program – every time you fly with Jazeera Airways, you will be one step closer to a complimentary ticket. You and your family? can benefit from the program by collecting your boarding passes under a single account, presenting you with opportunities to enjoy new experiences together.

You can easily submit your collected boarding passes at any Jazeera airways sales office or counter and receive a travel voucher for a free ticket. You may also submit your booking reference numbers over email to claim your free flight(s).  Your free flight will be valid for one year, so you can plan where to go and when to fly at your own convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Jazeerati mean?

     Jazeerati is the Jazeera Airways loyalty program. In Arabic, “Jazeerati” means  “my      Jazeera.”

2. What does the Jazeerati program entitle me to?

      For every 10 flights you fly/boarding passes you collect and submit within 1 year from    their issuance date, Jazeerati entitles you to receive a travel voucher. This voucher allows  you to redeem a one-way ticket to a Jazeera Airways destination of your choice. The  voucher is valid for one year and is subject to conditions set by Jazeera Airways.

3. Can I submit boarding passes from my family’s flights?

      Yes, Jazeerati travel vouchers are issued for every 10 boarding passes collected by  individuals and/or family members consisting of husband, wife and children from the ages  of 2 to 21 years old.

4. How many boarding passes do I need to collect?

      You will need to collect 10 boarding passes within the 12 months to claim a Jazeerati travel    voucher.  

5. Is it possible to combine the boarding passes from economy and business classes?

     Yes, however, the complimentary one-way ticket will be in economy class.

6.  Where can I collect my Jazeerati travel voucher?

        You can redeem your travel voucher at either the Jazeera Airways ticket desk at Kuwait    International Airport or at any general Jazeera sales agent/franchise offices in other  countries after presenting the requested documents. You may also redeem your Jazeera  travel voucher by contacting us at

7.  What documents do I need in order to collect my travel voucher?

   - 10 boarding passes or reservation reference, issued within one year

   - Civil ID or passport

   - Marriage or birth certificates in the case of submitting family boarding passes or claiming vouchers for a member of your family

8. Do I need to bring these documents each time I get a travel voucher issued?

      No, a profile will be created for you and your family.

9. When is it possible to use my Jazeerati travel voucher?

      You can use your travel voucher within a year of its date of issue, provided that the  booking is made and the ticket is issued at least 24 hours prior to the flight date. Usage of  travel vouchers is subject to availability in a subset of seats designated by Jazeera Airways  for free travel.

10. How long is the Jazeerati travel voucher valid for?

         It is valid for one year from the date of issue.

11. How can I claim my free Jazeerati flight?

       Please visit a Jazeera Airways ticket desk at Kuwait International Airport or at any general  Jazeera sales agent/franchise offices in other countries. You may also redeem your Jazeera  travel voucher by contacting us at