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Title: Airside Coordinator




  • Ensure safe, secure, on-time and economic operations of all the flights at Kuwait Airport
  • Coordinate with all the concerned departments inside and outside the company including airport authorities and service providers to ensure that all the services are accomplished within the scheduled STA & STD of all flights
  • Supervise all Ground Handling Agent’s activities in airside

· Work independently and provide leadership to Jazeera Airways’ airside operations


Arrival Flights

STA/ETA – 10mins, ensure that

· KAC Mechanic with headset is available

· Aerobridge operator is in position and preparing the aerobridge for movement

· All ground support equipments are in position

· Ground handling staff are available

· Catering highloader is available

· Passenger steps at remote stands are available

· Passenger busses at remote stands are available

· For off bridge operations ensure medical highloader is available at ETA -05 minutes for WCHR passengers, if required

· Contact medical center for assistance and service if message receive from OCC

· Coordinate between J9 OCC and KAFCO for fuel truck availability and refueling schedule

· If aircrafts’ APU is unserviceable, coordinate with J9 M&E and NAS to ensure that GPU, ASU and ACU are available

· Immediately after crew leaving the aircraft, GHA cleaning team to start the cleaning process and finish within the scheduled turnaround time

· Ensure aircraft is locked and sealed after maintenance work completion in coordination with J9 M&E team for overnight or more than three hours grounding time in KWI

· Debrief OCC on airport and aircraft movement irregularities

· Coordinate with J9 relevant departments to tow the aircraft from gate to stand if required at the given time by the airport MCC

Departure Flights

· STD -90 minutes ensure that

· The aircraft is serviceable through ground engineers or mechanics

· The aircraft is in the required position and the towing to gate from stand has been done, if required

· Aerobridge or passenger steps are in position

· APU is running and the required GSEs are available in case of unserviceable

· The L1 door is opened by qualified personnel

· Cargo doors are opened by qualified personnel

· The availability of the Mechanic with Headset

· The aircraft is ready for catering, refueling, baggage and cargo loading

· STD -60 minutes ensure that

· Aircraft in process of refueling as per the stipulated procedure

· Catering is loaded, checked and signed by the Senior Cabin Crew

· GHA boarding team are in position

· STD -45 minutes ensure that

· The aircraft is refueled

· Baggage loading has started

· Deck and cabin crew requirements are met

· STD -30 minutes

· Ensure aircraft ready for next process

· Ensure auto boarding

· Ensure that Loadsheet is handed over to the deck crew

· Incase aircraft is still fueling, coordinate with operating crew and inform airside staff and GHA staff to start auto boarding

· Auto board all special handling passengers, followed by economy passengers and then business class passengers

· STD -20 minutes, coordinate with GHA gate staff to standby baggage of missing passengers at the gate

· STD -15 minutes ensure that

· The bags of gate no show passengers are offloaded

· Boarding gate is closed for late reporting passengers

· LMC are shown in the Loadsheet

· Loadsheet, Passenger Manifest and other flight documents are given to Captain and Senior Cabin Crew

· Pushback truck is connected to the aircraft

· Aerobridge operator is in site

· STD -5 minutes ensure that the aircraft main door is closed after having the clearance from the Captain and the bridge/passenger steps is moved away

Communication Tools

  • In addition to the standard communication tools, staff will operate two ways walky-talky radio and PDA

Throughout the arrival/departure processes, keep close coordination with J9 OCC, Maintenance & Engineering departments as well as J9 Landside and Airside Duty Supervisors



· Educated to degree level or equivalent


· At least 10 years of experience in the field

· Excellent work knowledge of passenger and ramp handling

· Good knowledge of Load Control

· Good knowledge of aviation safety and security

· Reasonable understanding of DGCA and other airport authorities’ activities

· Knowledge of fueling, engineering & maintenance is preferable

· Having valid driving license

Key Skills and Competencies

· Excellent supervisory skills

· Excellent operation acumen

· Excellent communication skills inside and outside the company

· Excellent command of English language both written and spoken

  • Good IT knowledge

Person Profile

· Self-motivated with excellent interpersonal skills

· Proactive & go getter with “Can Do” attitude

· Patient, tolerant, resilient & persistent

· Reliable & trustworthy

· Mature, warm & friendly

· Resourceful & trouble shooter

Work under extreme time pressure and weather conditions

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