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Title: Operations Control Center Manager


Operations Control Center Manager


The OCC Manager is delegated authority to ensure that all operations support activities can be carried out on time and to the required Company standards and the Kuwait DGCA approved standards as prescribed in the Quality Manual and related Department’s Manuals & Procedures. OCC Manager has the responsibility to maintain ongoing compliance, coordination and liaison with applicable Kuwait DGCA requirements, all conditions and restrictions of the AOC and standards & procedures established by the company and other applicable authorities (such as ICAO, FAA, EASA…etc.), original equipment manufacturers and other operationally relevant external entities.


1. Providing Operational Control Center & Flight Dispatch service for aircraft operations throughout Jazeera Airways network 24 hours every day

2. Ensure OCC / Flight Dispatch is equipped with necessary communication equipment, electronic systems, as well as safe working environment and adequate facilities for staff to conduct their duties round the clock

3. Maximizing on time performance establishing adept operations ground support functions and operational recovery practices

4. Manage Operations Control center / Flight Dispatch, Navigation and performance and crew scheduling sections

5. Coordinating with flight operations management in conduct of crew scheduling section

6. Recruitment of staff for Operations Control Center coordinating with Human resources department

7. Ensure that OCC / Flight Dispatch is ready to carry out safe and expeditious handling of

Operational control, major changes or disruption to schedules by

a. Organizing schedule changes

b. Efficient utilization of aircraft and crew

c. Re-routing/diverting, cancelling etc.

8. Coordinator for sourcing and developing of electronic systems used in Operations Ground Support which include Flight Planning system, Navigation and performance databases, Aircraft and Crew Scheduling system etc.

9. Liaising with Network Planning / Commercial Department on amendments to current schedules and additional operations

10. Arranging and ensuring overflying clearances for scheduled and non-scheduled flights of the company are available

11. Liaising with Air Traffic Control and meteorological services at Kuwait airport for operational requirements

12. Ensure efficient coordination of OCC / Flight Dispatch with concerned departments of Civil Aviation and Airport, Maintenance & Engineering, Ground handling, and contracted service providers for preparation of aircraft, commencement of flight, in-flight assistance and operational recovery

13. Directing the decisions to be taken by OCC/ Flight Dispatch in case of schedule disruptions, diversions, and other emergencies

14. Monitoring crew changes performed by OCC / Flight Dispatch

15. Monitoring crew scheduling activities

16. Ensuring compliance with national and International regulations governing flight planning, flight watch and schedules

17. In case of emergency situation, initiating necessary action as laid down in Crisis Management Manual and notifying appropriate authorities that have jurisdiction over international operations conducted by company over the high seas or the territory of a state, without delay and request for assistance, if required.

18. Compliance with company operational standards and requirements of Kuwait DGCA regulations and, other applicable regulatory authorities that have jurisdiction over international operations conducted by Jazeera over the high seas or the territory of a state

19. Preparing periodical operational plan/program for Operations Ground Support Section.

When preparing such plan, OCC Manager shall take into consideration the operational safety and security outcomes, all resources required to meet the objectives/goals plan, and other requirements originating from applicable external sources as necessary, such as regulatory authorities and service providers.

20. To ensure implementation of SMS in his/her department with reference to the company Safety Management System Manual (SMSM).


  • Five or more years of experience in flight dispatch or operational control activities.

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

  • Thorough knowledge of the content of operational manual, provisions of company AOC and DGCA KCASR regulations & standards related to safety and security of operations

  • Highly effective communicator possessing excellent interpersonal & analytical skills.

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