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Title: Navigation & Performance Engineer


Navigation & Performance Engineer (Flight operation)


This position is responsible to oversee and exercise total control of the Navigation and Performance related activities of the Operations Department. The Navigation and Performance Engineer provides flawless back office support to the flight crew, OCC/dispatch and Ops management in a variety of matters related to flight operations. The Navigation and Performance Engineer is responsible to ensure currency of flight documentation, flight planning systems and databases of various systems.


  1. Administrator of Flight Planning System in the “Super User” role;

  2. Administrator of company manuals like the Route Briefing Manual, Route Performance Manual, Weight & Balance Manual and AHM560;

  3. Supervising aircraft and OCC libraries and ensure currency of Jeppesen, Airbus and the company manuals and documents;

  4. Carry out route analysis for new city pairs, select optimum routes on the basis of fuel, time and enroute charges, monitor military and danger area activities in the areas of operation and make appropriate changes in the route structure, issue alert notices to crew and dispatchers;

  5. Select diversion and enroute alternates as per company specifications;

  6. Administration of Seasonal Flight Schedule, Routes, Alternates, Company Notams, Dry Operating Weights and aircraft data in the Flight Planning System;

  7. Plan, test, store and maintain Company Routes in the Flight Planning System;

  8. Issue Company Notams and store them as part of crew briefing package (CBP);

  9. Provide estimates of enroute charges, fuel uplift, support services etc for the preparation of the Operations Business Plan;

  10. Problem-analysis, Problem-solving and Follow-Up of crew observations in the Journey Logs, Occurrence Reports etc;

  11. Prepare Airport Familiarization Briefings for new destinations and circulate to pilots ahead of new operations;

  12. Summarize and alert crew on Special Procedures to be followed at various airports;

  13. Coordinate the preparatory work for Jazeera’s ad hoc Flights, new aircraft deliveries etc;

  14. Prepare Trip Kits for the new aircraft deliveries and synchronize the related tasks;

  15. Train and equip the Navigation Officers to carry out their tasks efficiently;

  16. Issue hand-outs for OCC and Navigation staff aimed at enhancing overall efficiency and technical awareness on matters related to flight operations;

  17. Promote Jazeera’s larger interests through liaison with other departments, entities as and when necessary;

  18. Share information with outstations and other departments to empower them and improve overall efficiency of company’s activities;


  • Five or more years of progressive responsibility in the Navigation and Performance function.
  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Thorough knowledge of the content of operational manual, provisions of company AOC and, regulations and standards related to safety and security of operations.

Highly effective communicator possessing excellent interpersonal & analytical skills

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