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First Officers - A320 Type Rated

With our diverse team of bright and professional pilots, we welcome experienced pilots from across the world to join us.

We take pride in our first-rate training programs which maintain the performance of our pilots at optimum level and provide an attractive remuneration and benefits package to help our employees strike a balance between work and life.

With our increasing fleet size and routes, we would like to invite brilliant minds into our team and flourish with the growth of Jazeera Airways!

To fly with us as a First Officer you should have:

  • A valid ATPL issued by any ICAO Contracting State
  • A class one medical certificate
  • A valid A320 Type Rating
  • Minimum of 1000 hrs on A320 type aircraft
  • English Language Proficiency ICAO Level 5 or above
  • The date of last flight must be within the last 9 months from the date of joining
  • Age Restriction – Under the age of 45 years
  • Pilots with a Frozen ATPL may apply, subject to them obtaining a full ATPL, if successful, prior to joining

To apply for this opportunity, you are required to attach the following:

The following documents will be required as part of the application process and shall form part of the initial screening process:

1. CV 2. License and Ratings Page Copy
3. First Class Medical Certificate Copy 4. ICAO English Certificate Copy
5. Passport Copy 6. Annual LPC Copy
7. License Verification Letter copy 8. No accident/incident report
9. Last 5 pages of Log Book stamped copy 10. Police clearance certificate (criminal record copy check)
11. Complete breakdown of flight operational hours  

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