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Navigation and Performance Manager

Navigation and Performance Manager is accountable for the routes studies, aircraft performance, flight planning, EFB & Library.

Principal Duties

· Ensuring efficient management of the Navigation and Performance activities of the flight operations department

· Monitoring Aeronautical Information Publications, Aeronautical Information Circulars and NOTAMs issued by various countries for any operational information and update flight documents on aerodrome status, route requirements etc.,

· Prepare crew familiarization briefings if necessary, in coordinating with Chief Pilot and Assistant Vice President Flight Operations.

· Carrying out route studies for new destinations and change of routings for planned operations, non - scheduled flights/ charter operations etc.

· Checking suitability of aerodromes for type of aircraft operated by the Company,

· Selection of routes and alternates in liaison with Operations management as necessary.

· Maintaining FMS Navigation Data Base and Flight Planning System database

· Arranging route manuals and other operational documents necessary for the Company route network and their revisions as necessary

· Maintaining close coordination with Flight Dispatch, Operations management and other departments for matters related to flight planning system, routes, NOTAMs, and aircraft documents

· Maintaining library of all Technical Manuals and amendments for distribution to crew as delegated by Operations management.

· Ensuring that the contracted suppliers of Terrain and Navigation Databases comply with standards for processing aeronautical data and information.

· Establishing technical specifications and standard requirements for Navigation and Performance services outsourced by the company and monitor data integrity and service levels of the contracted service providers

· Estimating fuel requirements for all flights and coordinating arrangements for refueling of aircraft at all stations.

· Monitoring aircraft fuel consumption and carrying out comparative studies in his/her absence from the office, responsibilities will be delegated as necessary to any qualified assistant. This delegation will be communicated within the organization by means of internal memo or email notifications stating the period of absence.

· Compiling historical fuel burn data and provide projections for Business Plans.

· Compliance with company operational standards and requirements of Kuwait DGCA rules & regulations and, other applicable regulatory authorities that have jurisdiction over international operations conducted by the Company over the high seas or the territory of a state

· Any other duties that may be assigned to him by the Company Management.

Experience & Qualification

· Bachelor degree in related discipline preferably in Engineering – Certified & Qualified Navigation & Performance Engineer

  • 5 years’ experience in Dispatch, Navigation and Performance functions

· Thorough knowledge of the content of operational manuals, provisions of company AOC, regulations and standards related to safe operations.

  • Basic & Advanced A320 Performance Course
  • Capability to work under pressure

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