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Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia, with a population of approximately 3,400,000. It is also the commercial capital of the country. For centuries, it has been the point where pilgrims, traders, travellers converge. This explains why the city is so cosmopolitan in nature. Jeddah is a relatively relaxed city with an easy going social life buzzing with shopping districts, cafes and restaurants. There’s opportunity aplenty for the enterprising.

This is a city with a colourful history and over the years has gained importance as being the annual gateway for the millions of pilgrims proceeding to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The highpoint of Jeddah is of course the Corniche which is surrounded by offices, beach resorts and hotels. Further to the north you’ll see several compounds which play host to a vibrant social scene.

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Al Balad (Old Town)
This was once the soul of Jeddah but fortunately some of the ancient multi-storeyed buildings still stand as testimony to a rich past and the old souqs still have a roaring trade. You really need to spend some time here if only to shoulders with people from the Middle East, Africa and Asia. There are people from all walks of life and the colours of dress are captivating. The city of Jeddah dates back to the 7th century and surprisingly the Al-Balad neighbourhood still retains its identity with its building made from distinctive coral stones.

Souq Al Alawi
This is probably the biggest souq in the country. The hubbub created by tourists and pilgrims is constant, silenced only by the call to prayer at sunset. This is the place you need to explore for authentic Arabian jewellery, traditional clothing and artefacts. There’s better place to pick up a great bargain that will surprise all back home. This is cosmopolitan Saudi at its best.

Corniche (Waterside promenade)
Where else can you witness a seaside promenade lined with peculiar sculptures. The 35km-long Corniche is an encapsulated version of the city. This is where singles and families converge, along with lovers and senior residents. They come for a few precious hours by the sea to picnic and enjoy the refreshing breezes.

Fish Market
The market is a goldmine for seafood lovers. It’s the bustling part of the corniche with almost 50 or so varieties of fish on display. Make sure you’re in time for the morning’s catch (usually from about 5 am to 9 am). This is a once in a lifetime experience even if you don’t intend to buy anything.

Fakieh Aquarium
The aquarium displays a wide range of fish, including sharks, turtles and other colourful marine life from the sea around the region and the world. There’s an entertainment arcade for kids too, the highpoint being the dolphin show.

And guess what… even an ice-skating rink. After all the activity you can settle down to a buffet-style meal in the on-site restaurant overlooking the Red Sea.

Al-Rahma Mosque (Floating Mosque)
Popularly known as the White Mosque, this is nothing short of an architectural wonder. Its beauty lies in the impression it creates that it is floating as its marble exterior sticks out of the water. It is particularly stunning at night. Many pilgrims make it appoint to pause here and worship whilst they stand in awe of the structure.

Essential Facts:

Visa Requirements

Citizens of all countries require a visa to visit Saudi Arabia except the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council members -- Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and United Arab Emirates. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.

Visitors to Saudi Arabia must obtain a valid visa in advance unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. Saudi Arabia does not issue tourist visas but there are plans to introduce such visas in 2018. Business visas can also be arranged though via an employer and a sponsoring Saudi partner for a specific business purpose.

A special visa category exists for pilgrims coming to Saudi Arabia on the Hajj. Applications are encouraged to be done via licensed travel agents.

For more details on visa visit:

Other Facilities

Being the commercial capital there are a fair share of banks and ATMs conveniently located in Jeddah. Major among them are Al Rajhi Bank, Riyad Bank, Alawaal Bank, Saudi British Bank, Hollandi Bank, Bank Albilad, among others. There’s also plenty of currency exchange places.

As for accommodation, you have a choice of international hotel chains in Jeddah, mostly cheaper than Riyadh. Most of the midrange hotels are located in the Al Balad area. You’ll find the more upmarket hotels along the Corniche. Businessmen of course prefer a more central location like Madinah Road or Palestine Street. Almost all hotels have Wi-Fi connection for guests and Internet cafes are visible everywhere. Coffee places such as Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Second Cup and others all provide free Wi-Fi access.

Jeddah is served by 2 English language newspapers and 4 Arabic. Most expatriates also get their information from blogs like the Jeddah Blog. The city also has the largest radio and television network in Saudi Arabia, supported by numerous satellite and cable television providers.

Part of Jeddah’s excellent infrastructure is its health services with nearly 30 well-staffed and equipped hospitals and clinics. Additionally, you’ll find pharmacies located on all major streets.

As an expatriate you’ll be pleased to know that there are close to 70 consulates in the city in case you need diplomatic assistance.